Mamiya Sekor 210mm f/4 ULD

    This is another well built lens from Mamiya. It is my telephoto lens and it fills an important role in my kit. However it is a little slow, it is f/4. I don’t own any other lenses this slow, however f/2.8 medium format telephoto lenses are quite large. I enjoy this lens and it is very useful. And with faster speed B&W films like the Ilford 3200. Very useful lens and definitely worth considering with the Mamiya 645 AFD.

    This lens is great for portraits as well as for when you need a little extra pull. When taking portraits outside it is nice if you want a little bit of distance between you and your subject. Its equivalent to a 120mm lens in 35mm terms. One of the best focal lengths for portraiture is the 135mm focal length and this lens is basically that. It yields very nice results with good image sharpness and bokeh.



For the Mamiya


6x4.5cm format (actual image size 56x41.5mm)
Electronically controlled focal-plane shutter
TTL multiple mode AE
AF single lens reflex

Film Type
120 roll film (16 exposures)
220 roll film (32 exposures)
Polaroid Land Pack Film (100 & 600 series) 

Lens Mount
Mamiya 645 AF Mount

Fixed prism viewfinder magnification x0.71
Built-in Diopter adjustment -2.5 to +0.5

Field of View
94% of actual image

Light Metering
TTL metering; center-weighted average (AV), spot (S) and auto A-S variable ration

Metering Range
EV 2 to EV 19 (with ISO 100 film, f/2.8 lens)

Film Speed
ISO 25 to 6400

Electronically controlled vertical metal focal-plane shutter

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Technical Specifications:

Sample Images:

Shot with then Mamiya 645AFD, 210mm f/4 ULD and Ilford Delta 3200

Brian Hirschfeld Photography

Updated January 3, 2011 at 6:50 PM